Interview with Karen Armstrong, Princess of Asturias Award for Social Sciences 2017

We speak with Karen Armstrong, a British writer and expert on religions, who was awarded the Princess of Asturias Prize for Social Sciences in 2017. In a context of exacerbated nationalisms, identity crises and extremist discourses, the British author proposes a great interreligious or universal interspiritual pact that puts Compassion at the centre of human relations and between communities.

Training Course 'Smart Grids and the Integration of RE Projects'

The Training Course is organized by the Euro-Arab Foundation, the League of Arab States, United Nations, RCREEE and the German International Cooperation Agency.

The Training Course Smart Grids and the Integration of RE Projects is held in Granada from 25 to 30 April, 2016, with representatives from 15 Arab countries.

Khalid Assallami talks about his Exhibition 'IGUMDAN'

Khalid Assallami presents his exhibition which will be inaugurated this evening at the Headquarters of the Euro-Arab Foundation at 19h30. His exhibition IGUMDAN - Renaissance of a Shared Myth expresses the Amazigh world and culture. And it is in that language in which Khalid communicates with us.

For more information about the exhibition, please visit:

Interview with Sam Najjair, author of Lions of the Tripoli Brigade. Chronicles of the Fight Against Gaddafi.

The book is published by Catarata Publishing Company together with the Euro-Arab Foundation and tells the story of Housam "Sam" Najjair, born in Dublin to an Irish mother and a Libyan father. In June, 2011, when the civil war began to devastate his father's homeland, Sam left Ireland and headed to Libya —vía Tunisia— in order to join the uprising against Gaddafi. Lions of the Tripoli Brigade is about the story of his trip to Libya starting from his arrival to that country, where he spent two weeks training in the mountains before heading to Tripoli.

"Islamic Thought and Women's Liberation. Analytical and Critical Approach to Islamic Rhetoric concerning Women"

Interview with ASMA LAMRABET.

An interview on the occasion of the seminar "Islamic Thought and Women's Liberation. Analytical and Critical Approach to Islamic Rhetoric concerning Women", imparted in Granada at the Euro-Arab Foundation's headquarters from 1 to 4 March, 2016, which counts with the participation of the researchers Asma Lamrabet and Natalia Andujar as speakers.