The Euro-Arab Foundation presents the Exhibition IGUMDAN. Renaissance of the Shared Myth by the plastic artist, Khalid Assallami, from 7 to 29 April, 2016.

In his exhibition, the Amazigh artist presents in Granada his new creations, heritage of secular traditions which emerge as a result of research in the tradition of Amazigh signs and symbols.

The exhibition, which was inaugurated on April, 7, 2016, by the Executive Secretary of the Euro-Arab Foundation, Inmaculada Marrero, presents some works made of the artist’s most preferred material: wood, iron and soil. Through these natural and live materials, Assallami retains this traditional art whose secret is owned by the Amazigh woman and which, in words of Hassan Bikich, tends to be lost nowadays due to rural exodus, on the one hand, and, on the other, the development of a modern economy that does not favor preserving this authentic art.

This Exhibition is part of the program of activities taking place among the International Chair of Amazigh Culture, established by the Euro-Arab Foundation and the Dr. Leila Mezian Foundation.

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