15 Countries participate in the Training Course in Renewable Energies this week

- During this week, representatives from 15 Arab countries exchange experiences and knowledge in issues related to renewable energies and energy efficiency during the training course that takes place at the Euro-Arab Foundation. - During the inauguration on Monday, 25, 2016, the representative of the League of Arab States declared that the training imparted at the Euro-Arab Foundation during the current week was considered an essential support for the transformation and renewal of traditional energy systems in Arab countries.


The MIGRATION AND GENDER Days, organized by SecretOlivo and the Anartistas de Andalucía Association in collaboration with the Euro-Arab Foundation, will be held on 7 April, 2016, at the Headquarters of the later.

Kutub tackles the issue of children during wars through the work of Hubert Haddad

The Reading Club Kutub, organized by the Euro-Arab Foundation in collaboration with the Foundation Tres Culturas, witnesses during its next session, which will take place on Wednesday, 30 March, 2016, a tragic story written by the Tunisian writer Hubert Haddad. "Opium Poppy" narrates the story of a 12 year old little child who loses everything, including his own name, during the Afghanistan war.

Armed Conflicts, Subject of the Books presented by the Euro-Arab Foundation

Sam Najjair, former foreign fighter in Libya and author of "Lions of the Tripoli Brigade", and Mayte Carrasco, journalist and writer, present together on Thursday, 17 March, 2016, at 19h30 two books published by the Euro-Arab Foundation regarding armed conflicts: Najjair's chronicles of the fight against Gaddafi and the collective publication on "Armed Conflicts, Gender and Communication", edited by Inmaculada Marrero, Executive Secretary of the Euro-Arab Foundation.