Seminar ‘Islam and Political Islam: Similarities and Differences, from 9 to 13 May, 2016

The fourth seminar among the series that started in January will be held from 9 to 13 May, 2016, at the Euro-Arab Foundation. The series are part of the activities carried out by the ‘Chair of Studies in Islamic Civilization and Renewal of Religious Thought’, established by the Euro-Arab Foundation and the Mominoun Without Borders Foundation. During five consecutive days, the seminar will discuss the important contemporary Islamist movements, their histories, positions and transformations, and analyze similarities and differences between Islam as a religion and the so-called ‘Political Islam’.

Lectures by Dr. Radwan El-Sayed at the Universities of Seville and Granada

Lectures on ‘Islamic Thought’ will be held on 6 May at the University of Seville and on 10 May at the University of Granada by Dr. Radwan El-Sayed, Professor of Islamic Studies at the Lebanese University of Beirut. These lectures are part of the program carried out by the Chair of Studies in Islamic Civilization and Renewal of Religious Thought, established by the Euro-Arab and Mominoun Without Borders Foundations.

15 Countries participate in the Training Course in Renewable Energies this week

- During this week, representatives from 15 Arab countries exchange experiences and knowledge in issues related to renewable energies and energy efficiency during the training course that takes place at the Euro-Arab Foundation. - During the inauguration on Monday, 25, 2016, the representative of the League of Arab States declared that the training imparted at the Euro-Arab Foundation during the current week was considered an essential support for the transformation and renewal of traditional energy systems in Arab countries.