FUNDEAMAL, a web portal on employability in Arab countries

"Fundeamal" is a project of the Euro-Arab Foundation that offers, through a web portal, information on employability and research stays and scholarships in Arab countries. This project was born under the sponsorship of the Andalusian Government and the European Social Fund.

‘Berber Doors’ Workshop by the Artist Khalid Assallami

The main aim of the workshop is to showcase the richness of the traditional Amazigh craft and culture (Berber), a culture with a strong spiritual component and very much bound to earth and history. The workshop will be held on 31 May and 1 June, 2016, at the Andalusian Library and is part of the International Chair of Amazigh Culture.

Seminar “Modern Arab and Islamic Thought”. Registration Open.

From 30 May to 3 June, will be held the fifth and last seminar among the series that has taken place since January as part of the Chair of Studies in Islamic Civilization and Renewal of Religious Thought. Two well-known experts will impart the seminar: Dr. Said Bensaid Al-Alaoui and Dr. Abdullah Al-Sayed Ould Abah.