"Islam Today” is a non-official master’s degree offered by the University of Granada in order to fill the gap in postgraduate programs offered at Spanish universities, and respond to the existing demand for studies specialized in Islam, as a religion (exegesis, doctrine), a cultural phenomenon and a social component, as well as in Islamism. Registration and grant applications are open until October 27.
  • The first edition of the Master’s Program “Islam Today. Trends of Islamic Thought and the Management of Coexistence and Diversity”, will be take place from November 2016 to June 2017 at the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies.
  • Registration and grant applications are open until October 27.

The main objective of this Master’s Degree is to provide in-depth knowledge regarding Islamic contemporary thought, history of Arab and Islamic societies and their interweaving in Europe and in Western culture. Not only as a reference of past history and legacy, but as part of the building of European societies through the transfer of knowledge and the active presence of Islam and of Muslims in Europe. This Master’s Degree offers a wide range of subjects that will provide the keys to understanding contemporary Islamic thought. Therefore this program belongs to the field of study focused on the Islamic world, Islamology, which has to a certain extent been marginalized in university study programs.   

This Master’s Degree is a unique postgraduate program in Spain, thanks to the topics it tackles and to the excellent faculty members. It counts with the presence of numerous specialists from United Arab Emirates, Egypt, United States, Lebanon, Morocco, Mauritania, Jordan, Senegal and Tunisia.

It also counts with the presence of representatives of civil society and authorities of Islam in Europe; and with a wide representation of professors of several Spanish universities (Granada, Madrid and Alicante) and from a wide range of disciplines: Historians, philosophers, sociologists, anthropologists, theologians; introducing as well different approaches such as gender and postcolonial studies.

The Master’s Program “Islam Today” is part of the program of the Chair of Studies in Islamic Civilization and Renewal of Religious Thought, which, in its headquarters in the city of Granada, develop the EuroArab Foundation and the Mominoun Foundation without borders of Studies and Research.

Admission requirements

University degree: Bachelor degree or advanced diploma, graduate degree.

Who should apply?

Holders of University Bachelor degree in Social Sciences, Humanities, Education, Social Work, Journalism and, in general, any person interested in learning about Islamic Contemporary Thought.

Language in which it is taught

Depending on the professor responsible for each module, classes will be taught in Spanish or Arabic. There will be simultaneous interpretation into Spanish language. Furthermore, the bibliography will include academic texts in English and French; therefore it is advised to have good reading skills in these languages.


60 ECTs credits, divided in 54 credits of theoretical-practical subjects. It includes a dissertation of 6 credits.

Course unit details

The course is divided in 12 modules (of 40 hours each). Each module includes 2 subjects. Students will be required to fulfill a Master’s dissertation equivalent to 6 ECTS.


Classes will be taught in the city of Granada, at the headquarters of the EuroArab Foundation, from Mondays to Thursdays from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and Fridays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Registration and Enrollment

Deadline for registration and grant application: From 5 September, to 27 October, 2016.  

Enrollment fee: 1,473.08 €

Payment deadlines:

  1st. 517.08 €, from 5 September to 27 October, 2016

  2nd. 442 €, from 1 – 15 December, 2016

  3rd. 294 €, from 1 – 15 February, 2017

  4th. 220 €, from 1 – 15 March, 2017

Registration in person. International Postgraduate School: Escuela Internacional de Posgrado - C/ Paz, 18. 18071 – Granada.           

Students must fill in and submit the registration form, duly completed, and submit the following documents:

- Photocopy of the Passport or the Identity Document.

- Accreditation of the required degree: University degree

Registration by mail. Via email, to the address: epaluatugr.es, or downloading the forms from the website of the International Postgraduate School, and sending them, duly completed together with the requited documents to the address:  Escuela Internacional de Posgrado - C/ Paz, 18. 18071 – Granada.           

Institutions involved

NOTE: The realization of the Master’s Program will be dependent on the number of students enrolled, as specified in the advertisement and/or authorized by the Postgraduate School.

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