The Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies is part of the consortium of partners of the MI-ICT project (ICT Enabled Public Services for Migration).

This project addresses the challenge of integrating migrants into our societies through the development and implementation of tools that improve the services offered to them. These tools, based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), will be designed jointly by the migrants themselves, the public sector and NGO staff.

There is a large number and complexity of factors that affect the entire migration process and influence the integration of people who are immersed on it. Factors such as culture, history, institutional limitations that may exist, or the autonomy of the person who migrates are sensitive to economic, social, political and cultural issues that may occur in each case.

Various investigations have concluded that the problems of integration, employability, education, etc., have a high impact among migrants, taking into account their different demographic characteristics, such as the age group they belong to, the gender, the educational level or the migratory process in which they find themselves.

The project receives funding from the European Union's Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020.


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