The international Conference on “Global Impact of COVID-19 on Violent Extremism” organized by the Euro-Arab Foundation, Hedayah and the International Center of Excellence to Counter Violent Extremism and the United Nations Office Against Terrorism (UNOCT) will be held next Thursday, April 22.

Internacional Conference (online)

“Global impact of COVID-19 on violent extremism"

Among the investigations that are being carried out on the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having at the health, economic and social level, the focus should also be placed on the impact that this situation is having on violent extremist groups (VE) and in the way different actors work to counter them. 

While it can be argued that there was also a strain on VE groups' capacibilities to mobilize and carry out attacks, it has been long argued that groups as such are quick to adapt to "new realities" of the world and leverage the situation for their own benefit. It is true that it is still early to derive conclusions during an ongoing crisis, however it is hghly crucial to debate the changing realities that are emerging, both in violent extremist groups and in those actors working to counter them.

This given event seeks to provide a plaform for people of different background and expertise in the subject to discuss their observations and findings, helping to discuss what we already know and identify remaining gaps. 

 This session will serve as a precursor to the seventh International CVE Research Conference 2021 scheduled to be held in  University of Granada.

The online conversation will adress the recent CVE trends and events, whith the idea of engaging participants in the debate on violent extremism, policies and actions that counteract them.

Organized by: Euro-Arab Foundation (FUNDEA) Hedayah  and the United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT)


“Global Impact of COVID-19 on violent extremism”

Opening // 15:30 p.m. - 15:45 p.m

  • RAFFI GREGORIAN (UNOCT) United Nations Office of Counter-Terrorism  
  • AHAMED ALQASIMI (HEDAYAH) Hendayah Center  

Interventions // 15:45 p.m - 16:30 p.m

  • ARIE KRUGLANSKI  (University of Maryland)  
  • CHELSEA L. DAYMON (American University School of Public Affairs)   
  • DANIELA PISOIU (Austrian Institute for International Affairs)   

Debate // 16:30 p.m - 17:15 p.m

Closing // 17:15 p.m - 17:30 p.m

  •  IVO VEENKAMP, Hedaya Center.

"Global impact of COVID-19 on violent extremism"

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