From 12 to 14 May, the Euro-Arab Foundation hosts the international conference "Debates on Imperfect Peace"

The International Conference "Debates on Imperfect Peace" aims at contributing to debate and dialogue on one of the most fruitful concepts developed in the field of peace recently: 'Imperfect Peace', coined by the historian, academic and researcher Francisco A. Muñoz Muñoz.

In the course of expounding his theory of 'Imperfect Peace', Francisco A. Muñoz addresses the main concepts and ideas in the field of peace, doing so within the framework of major ontological and epistemological shifts. The ontological shift reveals a humane, paradoxical and capable being, stripped of essences: the human being is neither violent nor peaceful by nature and possesses abilities to manage conflicts both peacefully and violently. Thus, essences give way and yield to characteristics. Human beings are historical, contingent and changeable. Regarding the epistemological shift, if what we are concerned with is peace, we ought to research peace, turn it into a category for analysis in its own right, and tackle it from a transdisciplinary approach.

Thus, a matrix arises with five linked referents:

  • A positive, open, subtle and dialogical consideration of conflicts, seeing them as a difference in projects and nuances between different human entities.

  • The imperfect and systemic peace: unfinished, in continuous construction, responsibility of all of us, evolving and paradoxical as it lives along with violence.

  • Criticism of violence: This turn should let us situate peace in the center of our concerns, practices and researches, without forgetting violence.

  • The importance of mediation as topos, places and as a word enriched by its dialogical quality.

  • Power and pacifist empowerment. A pacifist and pacific conception of power present in all human beings.

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