The Euro-Arab Foundation hosts till next week the exhibition of the artist and poster designer Angela Magnatta "Francophones at the Megaphone: Women Portraits" organized by the French Alliance of Granada in collaboration with the Euro-Arab Foundation.

After an international tour, the painter and poster designer, Angela Magnatta, discloses its collection of posters to the public in Granada. Her work focuses on designing posters as works deprived totally from any kind of message that relates them to propaganda and publicity. 

The sample "Francophones at the Megaphones: Women Portraits" presents 15 posters whose aim is introducing female heroines, pioneers, fighters, human rights defenders, as well as 'invisible', unknown and forgotten women.

This work is a tribute to women, recalling their struggles, merits, realities and dreams.

You can visit the exhibition at the Euro-Arab Foundation's headquarters till Friday, 29 January, from Monday till Thursday during morning and evening working hours, and Fridays till 15.00.

You can find in the Euro-Arab Foundation's blog some of Angela Magnatta's work exhibited there.

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