Inmaculada Marrero will present the results of TAKEDOWN, the European project on organized crime and terrorist groups, in which the Euroarab Foundation has worked together with 16 European partners on the Horizon2020 framework programme.

Terrorism 3.0. Challenges and Current Security Perspectives

Budapest, 5th and 6th December

The executive secretary of the Euroarab Foundation participates in the "Congress on Terrorism 3.0. Challenges and Current Security Perspectives", organized by the Migration Research Institute in Budapest.

This international conference aims to provide a better understanding of the current situation, trends and future perspectives on terrorism, as well as to contribute to the academic discussion on violent extremism through the analysis conducted by experts in this field and by representatives of different European institutions .

During the first two debates that will take place in this congress, the phenomenon of terrorism as a global security challenge will be adressed, analyzing the phenomenon of terrorism in Africa, in the Middle East and in Europe.

Inmaculada Marrero, executive secretary of the Euroarab Foundation and professor at the University of Granada, will intervene in the sessions of the first day, addressing "Terrorism as a challenge of global security" with Agnes Hankiss, Head of Department of Counter-Terrorism - NUPS and Claude Moniquet, director of the European Strategic Intelligence and Security Center, Belgium.

During her intervention, Marrero will present the different results of TAKEDOWN, the European project in which the Euroarab Foundation takes part together with 16 different European partners. This project, sponsored by Horizon 2020, addresses social, psychological, economic aspects as well as further dimensions, activities and response approaches. TAKEDOWN creates intervention tools for first-line practitioners as well as for the overall population.

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