The Euro-Arab Foundation will attend a coordination meeting organised by the TRACE project consortium (Traditional Children's Stories for a Common Future) on 11 and 12 September in Corinth. This project, launched in September 2018, offers a programme of exchange of traditional children's stories between teachers from different countries of the European Union.

The aim of the TRACE project, funded by the European Commission's Erasmus+ Programme, is to promote knowledge of different European cultures among children, teachers, educators and librarians, through different traditional stories from different EU countries. ​

During the 11-12 September meeting, which will take place at the University of the Peloponnese, the consortium will present and discuss guidelines for teachers and librarians, based on previous recommendations made by the five project partners: the Euro-Arab Foundation, the National and University Library in Zagreb, the "Josip Pupačić" Primary School, the University of Peloponnese and the associations "Petit Philosophy" and "Creative Ideas"

These guides will include the stories selected and translated into the local language by each partner, as well as the social values these stories promote, the characteristics of each culture presented, and how they develop children's critical thinking.

These guides will also form the TRACE Manual for librarians and teachers with guidance materials for these professionals. It is expected to be published at the beginning of 2020, after being translated into each partner's language: Spanish, Croatian, Latvian and Greek.

Through these stories and these recommendations of the TRACE project:

  • Children will have a greater knowledge of the cultures and traditions of other European countries, acquiring critical thinking skills.
  • European teachers and librarians will learn about children's literature from European countries in an innovative way.
  • Awareness of the importance of cultural heritage and diversity will be raised among participants and the general public involved in the project.

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