On Wednesday, December 20th, at 7:00 pm CET, the exhibition by Matug Aborawi will be inaugurated with a public event at the Town Hall Square in Granada (Spain). There, the pictural work of the Libyan artist will be presented with music, poetry and declarations of solidarity and support for refugees and migrants. This act aims to be a plaidorie for peace and against the war that countries like Libya suffer. Furthermore, many representatives of social and institutional organizations from Granada and different cities of the world will be present at the event.


The Euro-Arab Foundation will host the exhibition by the Libyan painter Matug Aborawi from the 20th December 2017 to the 21st January 2018.

  • OPENING ACT: Wednesday 20th December at 7:00 CET, at the public event organized at the Town Hall Square in Granada (Spain), which can be followed on the Euro-Arab Youtube channel.

On the occasion of the inauguration in Granada of the exhibition by Matug Aborawi, the Euro-Arab Foundation has prepared a public event dedicated to all the refugees and migrants in favor of peace. It will take place next Wednesday 20th December at 7:00 CET, at the Town Hall Square.

The opening act will offer a program with different performances and statements, as a large mosaic of voices. It will be a declaration of support for millions of people that have to flee from death, violence and misery in the whole world.

This public event is open for all those who want to come to the Town Hall Square in Granada, and also for those who want to follow it through our Youtube channel from 7:00 CET.

This project is part of the work carried out by the Euro-Arab Foundation in order to create spaces for dialogue and cooperation between the countries of Europe and the Arab World. This mission, in this case, is  developed through Art.

  • The exhibition”Out of Text. Diaries for Peace, from Libya to Granada” is the third part of a big project by the Libyan painter at the Euro-Arab Foundation. The first exhibition, in 2012, was called “Tribute to the Disappeared I”. Two years later, in 2014, he presented “Tribute to the Disappeared II. Arab Spring”.
  • Now Aborawi offers two different parts in this exhibition. On the one hand, there is the work that Matug Aborawi developed during his stay in Granada; on the other hand, the work developed from 2015 in his own country, Libya, with war as a backdrop. These two geographical spaces and his life experiences can be clearly distinguished in the paintings that the artist present through his notebooks and large-scale paintings.

This project from the Euro-Arab Foundation is sponsored by the City Council of Granada and has the Embassy of Libya in Spain and the University of Tripoli and its Faculty of Fine Arts as collaborators, as well as the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Granada and its Department of Drawing, the Syndicate of Journalists of Andalucia and different NGOs from Granada.


Exhibition period and visiting hours 

- From the 20th December 2017 to the 31st January 2018.

From 10:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 20:00 (Spanish time), Monday to Friday (Fridays: only in the mornings).

* From the 26th December to the 5th January, the exhibition will be open to the public in the mornings. 


"Out of Text. Diaries for Peace, from Libya to Granada"

The exhibition is composed by paintings in the form of notebooks and large scale paintings. Oils, acrylics and enamels show the different experiences of the artist in Granada and his native land, Libya. 

We can see the strenght both in visual arts and the reality behind every painting of the exhibition, and that is what will be seen by the spectators.

Stories of survival, that have protagonists with names and surnames who run away from war, famine, misery and violence in an incredibly hard journey that lasts for years, while the rest of the world looks the other way.


- Doctor in Fine Arts from the University of Granada. He is a professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts of Trípoli- Libya.

Born in the coastal town of Al Gharabuli, province of Tripoli, he studied Fine Arts in his own country. In 1993 he graduated and was selected as a fellow, teaching painting clases at the University where he studied.

In the 90s, he met the Austrian painter Martin Hochtel and they became friends, sharing their artistic experiences. In 1999, he traveled to Caracas, Venezuela. In 2000, he got a scholarship from the University of Tripoli to study in Spain. He settled in Granada and met the painter Francisco Luis Baños, who directed his PhD work.

In 2015, Aborawi came back to Libya, where he continues developing his pictorial activity that he combines with teaching at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Tripoli (Libya).

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