The Euro-Arab Foundation is composed of representatives from the following entities:

+ Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports

+ Regional Government of Andalusia (Junta de Andalucía)

+ University of Granada


Executive Secretariat

Ex-Officio Spokespersons

  • Dr.  Manuel Torralbo Rodriguez

    • Secretary General for Universities, Research and Technology.

    • Regional Ministry of Economy and Knowledge. Regional Government of Andalusia.

  • Dr. Pilar Aranda Ramirez

    • University President

    • University of Granada.

  • Dr. Dorothy Kelly

    • University Vice President for Internationalization.

    • University of Granada.

  • Dr. Angel Luis Sanchez Muñoz

    • Secretary General for External Action.

    • Ministry of the Presidency. Regional Government of Andalusia

  • Ms. Carmen Bermúdez Rojas-Marcos

    • Advisor. General Secretariat for Universities.

    • Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports

Deputy Executive Secretariat

Operational Areas

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