The research and projects department of the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies, focuses on the development of research and transfer programs and activities aimed at promoting democratic rights and values, peaceful coexistence and social cohesion, valuing wealth. diversity, the processes of inclusion and social integration or the defense of the rights of minorities and vulnerable groups. The gender dimension is incorporated as a transversal aspect in all our activities.

Associations and collaborative work with different institutions and organizations, both public and private, and multidisciplinary approaches are a substantial part of our work that focus on two main lines of research:

1.- Research in Societies, Human Rights, Cultural Diversity and Migrations. This area focuses on the study of three basic aspects of increasingly globalized societies in which various inequalities and frictions are manifested:

  • Respect and protection of human rights.
  • The necessary attention to cultural diversity and the challenges it poses for promotion.
  • The different manifestations of the migratory phenomenon.

2.- Research on Radicalization, Prevention and Security. This area focuses on the study and understanding of violent radicalization processes and their various manifestations and implications, and de-radicalization processes:

  • Preventing and fighting violent radicalization.
  • Risk and vulnerability analysis in security matters.
  • Possible relationships between terrorism and organized crime.
  • Analysis of the processes of disengagement and de-radicalization.

TRAINING AID course on Violent Radicalization at Euro-Arab Foundation

The Euro-Arab Foundation and the Agrupación de los Cuerpos de la Administración de Instituciones Penitenciarias (ACAIP) are organising a new training programme on violent radicalisation this coming 27 March. This training, which takes places within the framework of the European research project TRAINING AID, is open to professionals from different disciplines who work with groups vulnerable to radicalisation as well as to the university community.

RETOPEA: Religious Toleration and Peace

The aim of this European Commission project is to investigate how experiences with historical peace treaties in Europe and around the world foster tolerance and understanding of religious diversity, especially among adolescents.

SYMPOSIUM MIICT.ICT / Enabled Public Services for Migration

The symposium has been developed in the Sheffield Institute of Education on november 13th. Its aim is to explore a diverse set of themes connected to the overall objetives of the MIICT project. This is reflected by our speakers who cover issues related to migrant integration from a number of disciplinary perspectives.