Against Islamophobia in the media and for the promotion of accurate, balanced journalism aware of its role as an opinion-former in fostering an inclusive society. 

The Observatory of Islamophobia in the Media is a project founded in 2017 and led by IEMed and Al Fanar Foundation, with the support of the Euro-Arab FoundationThree Cultures Foundation and Casa Árabe.

  • Created with a proactive vocation and focused on the information provided by the media, the Observatory offers tools to make the representation of a diverse society normalized and to make Islamophobia known as a form of discrimination.
  • From it website :, only available in Spanish,  the Observatory identifies journalistic information that stigmatises the Muslim population and issues recommendations and good practices for a more inclusive and precise journalistic narrative, also gathering initiatives carried out both in Spain and in Europe.

The Observatory on Islamophobia in the Media identifies and studies journalistic information that stigmatises Muslims. It also issues recommendations and good practices for a more inclusive and accurate journalistic narrative that fosters interculturality and avoids the generalizations that stigmatize the Muslim community and that can end up laying the foundations of a social fracture that only benefits violent extremism.

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