Through the International Chair of Amazigh Culture, Euroarab and Dr. Leila Mezian Foundations organised a presentation-concert on “Moroccan’s music” aiming to make the rich and various musical heritage of this country known. That goes highlighting the traditional and contemporary Amazigh’s styles.

‘Berber Doors’ Workshop by the Artist Khalid Assallami

The main aim of the workshop is to showcase the richness of the traditional Amazigh craft and culture (Berber), a culture with a strong spiritual component and very much bound to earth and history. The workshop will be held on 31 May and 1 June, 2016, at the Andalusian Library and is part of the International Chair of Amazigh Culture.

Khalid Assallami talks about his Exhibition 'IGUMDAN'

Khalid Assallami presents his exhibition which will be inaugurated this evening at the Headquarters of the Euro-Arab Foundation at 19h30. His exhibition IGUMDAN - Renaissance of a Shared Myth expresses the Amazigh world and culture. And it is in that language in which Khalid communicates with us.

For more information about the exhibition, please visit: http://www.fundea.org/es/noticias/expoIGUMDAN%20KhalidAssallami.

International Chair of Amazigh Culture

The International Chair of Amazigh Culture was established thanks to an agreement signed on December, 15, 2014 between the Euro-Arab Foundation for Higher Studies (Granada) and Doctor Leila Mezian Foundation (Casablanca).